Chia has multiple nutritional properties. A source of fiber, vitamins, calcium, iron and omega 3. With a pleasant nutty flavour that can be easily added to any food because it does not alter its flavor. It is ideal for thickening sauces, pudding sor jams, and even using it as an egg substitute due to its binding power. It is advisable to consume ground or hydrated. It is gluten free, making it a food suitable for celiacs.


In gel form, mixing seeds with wáter, juice, milk or vegetable drink, letting it rest for 15 minutes.

Directly adding a teaspoon to yogurt, smoothie, etc. Or on salad sor creams, providing a crunchy touch.

In bakery/pastry products, before baking.

Nutritional inofrmation average values 100gr
Energy 1832kj/444kcal
Fat 31.3gr
of which saturates 3.8gr
Carbohydrates 42.12gr
of which sugars 0.8gr
Dietery fiber 31.4gr
Proteins 21.2gr
Salt 0.12gr

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