Pedrosillano Bio Chickpea

Garbanzo bio

Small size and tan color. Its skin is very thin and remain whole after cooking. Its size and intense flavor makes it very versatile for both stews and salads.

The main objectives of organic agriculture are to obtain healthy foods without the presence of chemical substances and obtain through sustainable procedures.

Nutritional information average values per 100gr
Energy 431.52kcal
Fat 8.50gr
of which saturates 0gr
Carbohydrates 58.39gr
of which sugars 0gr
Dietery fiber 19.37gr
Proteins 20.15gr
Salt 0.05gr
Normal Express
Remojo 12-14h
Aguas blandas 2.5-3h 45-50min
Aguas duras 3-3.5h 55min-1h

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