Pedrosillano Chickpea


The smallest grain, practically smooth skin with few wrinkles, spherical shape and pointed peak. It has excellent cooking qualities due to its skin, resulting a very pleasant texture and a very intense flavor. It is very versatile being used both in stews and salads.

Nutritional information average values per 100gr
Energy 364kcal/1522.97kj
Fat 6.04g
of which saturates 0.626gr
Carbohydrates 60.65g
of which sugars 10.70gr
Dietery fiber 17.40g
Proteins 19.30g
Salt 0.06g
Normal Express
Soaking 12-14 hours
Soft waters 2.5-3 hours 45-50 min
Hard waters 3-3.5 hours 55min-1 hours

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