Broad beans

Dry legume

Thanks to its protein content and properties, it is a highly recommended food for muscle development and for people who suffer from hypertension. Dried beans helps to promote intestinal transit and obesity control. They are also recommended to improve glycemic control in people with diabetes, reduce colesterol and prevent colon cáncer.

Nutritional information average values per 100gr
Energy 301kj/71kcal
Fat 0.5gr
of which saturates 0.1gr
Carbohydrates 10.1gr
of which sugars 1.2gr
Dietery fiber 6.5gr
Proteins 4.8gr
Salt 0.01gr
Normal Express
Soaking 10-12h
Soft waters 1.5-2h 30-45min
Hard waters 2-2.5h 50min-1h

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