The wheat grain is used to produce flour, whole wheat flour, beer, grits, and a variety of other foods. Its regular intake optimizes digestion, favors the assimilation of food, facilitates defecation, and purifies the body, as it is rich in fiber. Frequent consumption of whole wheat flour as well as cooked wheat has been shown to help combat some symptoms of anemia and rickets. Wheat is an indispensable source of protein, carbohydrates and carbohydrates.

Nutritional information average values per 100gr
Energy 1396kj/328kcal
Fat 1.6gr
of which saturates 0
Carbohydrates 21.79gr
of which sugars 0.09gr
Dietery fiber 6.4gr
Proteins 11.73gr
Salt 0
Normal Express
Soaking The night before
Cppking 1h 30min 10-15min

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