Who we are Legumbres Arroyo, a name with history

Our company has a name because it has a family, Arroyo family. The founder sons of this project are the ones who presently ensure the quality and respect for the gastronomic tradition of our products, which keep alive in pantries all around Spain, in pots and spoons, and preserve a unique culinary experience alive.

Times changes, but a quality food is still a guarantee.

Legumbres Arroyo was born in 1970, as legumes need time to offer all their properties, the company has been gaining experience and consolidating long term relationships with the best legume farmers to have access to the best chickpea, lentil and bean crops.

At the same time. Legumbres Arroyo has incorporated innovations in the preparation process of their products. Every single grain of our brand is selected, washed and packaged in our state-of-the-art plant with equipment prepared to make the most of the virtues of a cuisine that has been with us for thousands of years.

The new era of Legumbres Arroyo

Our distribution net has been growing for many years, having a wide base of faithful costumers, whom, due to our experience, we can advise on the best product that suits each market, so they can enjoy the quality of Arroyo.

Relying on our experience and our resources, in 1985 we launched the first canned vegetables, fish and seafood, in accordance with the brand’s quality standards. Today we have first class facilities.